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News in Josephine County, Oregon

News10 News Break Oct. 29
Wed, 29 Oct 2014 19:05:52 -0700

Group trains, fundraises to support law enforcement GRANTS PASS, Ore. -- With Josephine County hurting financially, a non-profit organization formed in 2012 said the community needs to stick together. The citizen-led group called SOS stands from Securing Our Safety and spawned becaused of a failed county criminal justice levy. ...

New Sheriffs In Southern Oregon
Wed, 05 Nov 2014 18:32:10 -0800

GRANTS PASS, Ore. — Sheriff Gil Gilbertson held the sheriff’s position in Josephine County for two terms. After the preliminary results came in on Tuesday night, Dave Daniel sits in a comfortable lead to take over. Daniel said he is excited to take over as the sheriff. He has served as a police officer for … Continue reading »

JoCo voters watch local measures as election nears
Fri, 31 Oct 2014 19:49:45 -0700

Grants Pass, Ore. -- A steady stream of Josephine County voters dropped off their ballots Friday afternoon. With the November election just days away, many people have lots of measures on their minds. One man we spoke with said this year, he had to decide on many interesting issues important to the community. "I think it has some very vital issues that are very meaningful to the longterm ...

Grants Pass woman convicted of seven DUII's
Fri, 21 Nov 2014 15:56:43 -0800

Grants Pass, Ore. --- More than three years in prison for a Grants Pass woman whose been convicted of a DUII for the seventh time. The Daily Courier reporting that 56 year old Michele Porzio has five previous convictions for DUII in Oregon and one in California. Josephine County Circuit Judge Lindi Baker said it was one of the most extraordinary DUII cases she had seen. Baker reportedly asked ...

Group Pushes for Lottery Funding Measure
Thu, 30 Oct 2014 09:02:19 -0700

GRANTS PASS, Ore. — Oregon voters may soon get to decide if millions of dollars of lottery funds should be state controlled. “Securing Our Safety” is a group of citizens dedicated to restoring public safety in Josephine County. Members are proposing a measure to allow 50-percent of state-controlled lottery dollars to be county-controlled instead. The … Continue reading »

Man dies in crash near Grants Pass
Mon, 10 Nov 2014 08:04:16 -0800

By KTVL Staff/KTVL.com JOSEPHINE COUNTY, Ore. -- Oregon State Police said a man died following a one-car crash on Sunday afternoon on Lower River Rd. near Grants Pass. Police said they were dispatched on Sunday at about 3:20 p.m. for a domestic disturbance complaint at 7501 Lower River Rd. ...

News10 News Break Nov. 18
Thu, 20 Nov 2014 18:19:15 -0800

Ashland meth bust ASHLAND, Ore. -- MADGE served a search warrant at a home on the 400 block of Wightman Street in Ashland at 10 a.m. Thursday. Police arrested Travis Bessonette and Michael O'Neil in the home. Officers state they found marijuana, meth, heroin, scales and packaging inside the home. ...

Josephine County elects new Sheriff
Tue, 04 Nov 2014 23:01:30 -0800

Grants Pass, Ore -- Josephine county, has a new Sheriff. Voters opted to take the opportunity for change, backing challenger Dave Daniel, a Grants Pass Department of Public Safety Officer and former OSP trooper. Daniel defeated current Sheriff Gil Gilbertson with 56 percent of the vote Daniel says he's looking forward to tackling the major hurdles he faces with Josephine County's fiscal woes and ...

Josephine County Sheriff's Race: Dave Daniel
Wed, 29 Oct 2014 19:34:37 -0700

GRANTS PASS, Ore. -- News10 spoke with Josephine County Sheriff Candidate Dave Daniel on Wednesday about what he believes needs to happen to keep the county safe. Sheriff Gil Gilbertson said this is the dirtiest campaign he has ever been involved with including manipulations and lies, but Gilbertson and Daniel confirm it is not coming directly from Dave Daniel's campaign. ...

Selma family taking extra precautions after home invasion
Sat, 25 Oct 2014 00:00:18 -0700

Josephine County, Ore. -- Raw nda Tesch and her son Brandon, of Selma, are stocking up on supplies to make what should be a safe home, even safer. The two say early Thursday morning a group of 5 men, all wearing masks, broke into their home. "I was woke up with my door being kicked on, the light flicked on. A gun to a head," said Rawnda. "And then a guy jumped on top of me. Zip-tied me, and at ...